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Community Education
Our educational programs are designed to empower individuals by providing access to knowledge and skills. We believe that education is the foundation of personal and societal growth. We offer a diverse range of courses and workshops aimed at equipping our community with the tools needed to thrive. From sustainable farming practices to cannabis education, we are committed to nurturing a culture of continuous learning.
Health + Well-being
Health care
We understand the significance of holistic well-being. Our healthcare initiatives encompass not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being. We offer counseling services and programs that focus on mental health awareness and overall wellness. We aim to create a healthier and happier community by providing essential healthcare support and resources.
CICFC Awareness
Our local community forum serves as a platform for open discussions, information sharing, and problem-solving. We believe that awareness is the first step towards positive change. Through this forum, we address pressing issues, discuss community needs, and facilitate dialogue among community members. Together, we identify challenges and collaboratively find solutions, ensuring that every voice is heard.
CICFC Leadership Opportunities
We are passionate about fostering strong and influential leaders, particularly women, in our community. Our leadership programs aim to inspire individuals to take charge and drive positive change. We empower them with the skills, confidence, and resources to lead by example and effect meaningful transformation. We believe that by nurturing leaders, we create a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Membership Benefits

Some membership perks for CICFC members are included with their yearly dues:

  • Access to Resources: Members will have access to a wide range of resources related to the cannabis industry. This may include reports, whitepapers, research findings, and industry insights that can help them stay informed and make informed decisions.
  • Business Development Courses: Members will have the opportunity to enroll, at a 50% discount, in business development courses. These courses can cover starting a cannabis-related business, navigating legal and regulatory challenges, marketing and branding, and financial management.
  • Job Training: CICFC offers its members access to job training programs related to various aspects of the cannabis industry. These programs can include budtender training, cultivation techniques, extraction processes, and more.
  • VIP Members-Only Private Events: Membership grants access to exclusive events and networking opportunities. These events may include private seminars, product launches, and industry-specific gatherings. It’s a chance for members to connect with key players in the cannabis industry.
  • Land Use for Cultivation: Members who own land can utilize it for cannabis cultivation in partnership with CICFC. This creates an additional income stream for members while operating under the co-op’s brand. It’s an excellent opportunity for those interested in growing their cannabis business.
  • Business Branding Under CICFC: Members can align their cannabis business with CICFC. This not only provides credibility but also the benefit of marketing and brand recognition associated with the co-op. It’s a valuable way for businesses to grow and gain exposure within the industry.
  • Comprehensive Help: Membership also includes access to discounted or low-cost comprehensive help, including legal, medical, dental, and vision insurance. This ensures that members have essential services to support their overall well-being and security.

These perks are designed to provide value to members by offering them resources, knowledge, and opportunities within the cannabis industry while fostering a sense of community and cooperation.

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